The application field of nano anti-corrosion and heat insulation color aluminum plate


Nano anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum plate has strong anti-corrosion performance, as well as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and convenient molding, involving many practical application fields.


1. Auxiliary materials for floor installation. Nano anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum plate is easy to lay, which can prevent the floor from being damp, deformed, insect pests and other problems, and play the role of sound insulation and heat preservation. It has a slight soft feeling when stepping on the floor, which is comfortable and natural. Use this anti-corrosion material to lay the floor to protect the floor from damage.


2. Roofs and walls. Now, the roofs of many buildings use nano-anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum panels. On the one hand, the needs of corrosive environments require the panels to be resistant to corrosion for a long time. On the other hand, they meet the needs of heat insulation and also comply with relevant national regulations, with high water resistance. A large amount of heat in buildings is dissipated through the walls. Nano anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum panels are not only suitable for anti-corrosion and heat insulation of various wall structures, but also can enhance the durability of the wall, provide a smooth surface for wall decoration, and reduce wall thickness.



3. Central air conditioning duct. High thermal insulation performance is perfectly matched with it, low cost, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, easy installation, beautiful appearance, hidden installation can greatly increase the height of the ceiling and high space utilization. Especially suitable for villas, apartments, large shopping malls, restaurants, offices, etc.


4. Purification workshop. Nano anti-corrosion and heat insulation color aluminum plate is non-toxic, dust-free, non-absorbent, non-bacterial, strong impact resistance, and durable and stable thermal insulation performance, which is very suitable for the application of purification workshops.

5. Cold storage and refrigerated trucks. Nano anti-corrosion and heat insulation color aluminum plate has excellent water vapor permeability and strong pressure resistance, making it more advantageous in refrigerated storage and refrigerated truck applications, preventing condensation and condensation, pressure resistance and creep resistance.


6. Other applications. Such as the bottom of buildings, square floors, ice rinks, floor heating systems, etc., can also be compounded with other materials to manufacture various composite panels.