The obvious practice of short momentum in the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate market

The pressure of oversupply of aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates will be alleviated to a certain extent. It is favorable for the trend of steel quotations after the holiday. Coupled with the recent very low level of Chinese quotations, there is hope that the quotations in the Chinese steel market will rise, and it is not ruled out that the market may rise rapidly in the short term. The future market is also bleak. Under the unfavorable trend of external commodities, it has picked up, and the Chinese futures market has also exhausted all ink. Copper, rubber, steel, etc. have fallen one after another. The short-term momentum of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate market is obviously customary, and the short-term downward pattern will not change. The sharp adjustment of the future market has also continued to depress the sentiment of the steel market to a large extent, making the adjustment of steel prices enlarged again. Recently, the steel market is still under the dual suppression of capital and poor winter storage. The pressure on capital may exist for a long time; the downturn in the industry has also narrowed the operating space for winter storage, and it is difficult to form a market in winter. To sum up, driven by the continuous high opening of snails and the rise in billets, coupled with the fact that building materials resources in some markets are still tight and expected to heat up recently, the mainstream trend of the building materials market on that day will continue to rise steadily. When the plate market is doing well in the forward electronic disk market and some market shipments have also improved, the mentality of merchants has also improved significantly. Therefore, the downward trend of the mainstream aluminum, magnesium and manganese plate market on that day has obviously stabilized, and it has entered a stable and slightly weak adjustment period. For tomorrow's extreme downturn, considering that tomorrow is the last day of the end of the month, and futures and electronic orders are all improving, although the demand is average, it is expected that the mainstream trend will enter a period of adjustment for board stability and growth tomorrow. As far as the overall market situation in China is concerned, the decline in emissions and the lack of demand at the downstream end point are still the most important factors plaguing the medium plate market. Therefore, when dealing with the rebound in the quotations of some steel series varieties this time, the cumulative decline is that most traders are cautiously considering Daqiuzhuang Galvanized Square Pipe Factory, the market quotations are mainly stable, and they do not report much hope for the rebound in the mid-plate market quotations in the later stage. To sum up, it is expected that in the short term, the quotations of China's medium and heavy plate market will be mainly stable.